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trontrade is a decentralized exchange on tron

TronTrade – Trade tokens on Tron

TronTrade created by one of Trons most trusted community developers, Rovak is one of the original decentralized exchanges on Tron to buy and sell a variety of TRC10 & TRC20 cryptocurrency tokens with ease.

Trontrade has come a long way from where it originally started and has gained a reputation of user trust and providing great support. Originally the only token you were able to buy and sell on TronTrade was “ANTE” which was the native token of TronBet (now WINk) however since then the variety of tokens listed has increased. In the last year or so it was also moved under the BitGuild umbrella so that adds another layer of trust and support for the community.

You can use TronTrade on desktop by connecting it to Tronlink or Guildwallet or on mobile from any Tron DApp browser such as those found in Guildchat, Tronlink Pro, Klever, Opera browser, and others.

How Safe is TronTrade?

Although there have been issues with listings of projects that have turned out to be scams leading into de-listings, TronTrade has a good reputation and there have never been any loss of user funds. They also have 24/7 support via telegram if you do ever have any issues.

Just because a token is listed on TronTrade, does not make it worth investing in. The TT team does their best to vet projects and make sure the token has a community, use case, and is moving forward with their project but sometimes projects fail or developers decide they’ve had enough or just outright exit scam so it’s important as with anything in life and especially crypto to DYOR.

If you’re interested in trading on TronTrade you can find them here: trontrade.io

Reminder: Stay safe, & never give your private key to anyone! No admins in telegram will ever ask for it.

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