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DLive - Stake earn and stream banner for tron blockchain

Stake Your BitTorrent $BTT on DLive & earn!

Did you know you can stake the BTT tokens you earn through BitTorrent or buy on the exchange to support DLive and also earn 21.75% APY in BTT Currently? Well you sure can!

What is DLive?

DLive is a video and streaming platform that rewards content creators as well as viewers through a rewards system. DLive does not take any cuts for platform use from user donations or subscriptions, instead the economic system distributes revenue by rewarding the community for their contribution instead of a corportation.

Why should I stake my BTT tokens in DLive?

Having your BTT tokens sitting in your wallet or cold storage does nothing to help you increase your holdings or help the Tron ecosystem grow. We all want to help usher in >> Mass Adoption << and to do that we need to not just hold our crypto, but also participate in promising projects especially when they help us increase our crypto holdings rather safely.

How Do I stake my BitTorrent Tokens?

You can stake using your phone via a DApp browser such as TronLink, GuildChat, Klever, and others. If you’re using your computer then you will need to install the TronLink browser extension and create or import your wallet.

Once you’ve got your wallet in order, visit https://dlive.tv/s/stake and click the yellow button to “Link with Tronlink to stake in now”

Once you’re connected you will see 3 options:

  1. Claim Reward
  2. Stake In
  3. Stake Out

We wan to choose option 2, Stake in.

Once you click “Stake in” a field will popup with the amount of BTT you want to stake. Make sure to have a couple TRX in your wallet if you don’t have any energy for the fees.

Once you enter the amount you want to stake, another screen will popup advising you the energy or trx fee.

After you’ve clicked “continue” you will need to accept the request signature from tronlink (when using a computer) that will popup. Other wallets will have similar screens. Press accept, a transaction results screen will appear where you can choose to view the transaction on the blockchain, but not necessary.

Once you’re back in the main staking page you will see under “My Stake Status” that your total BTT tokens staked will reflect the amount deposited. If it does not, it’s possible the transaction did not go through due to not having enough energy or TRX for the fee.   

Success! We’ve staked 1k $BTT!

How Do I Claim My BTT Staking Rewards on DLive?

To claim your staking rewards you visit the same page you did as to stake the BTT except you are going to press “Claim Reward.” You can claim your rewards daily but I would recommend waiting until you’ve accumulated a good amount because you spend energy or TRX to claim those rewards and then also to re-stake if you choose. Doing that daily, with a small amount of BitTorrent tokens staking, you may end up spending more than you make.

If you want to claim more often then it’s best to freeze some TRX so you earn energy. About 1200 TRX Frozen should give you enough to do so.

One thing to remember is that it takes 14 days to “Stake Out” which means to withdraw your stake from DLive. During this time you will not earn any BTT so just plan accordingly.

I’ve staked my BTT, Now What?

You are now on the road to making free BTT, my friend! While you’re there browse the streams and support your favorite streamers with some Lemons, Ice Cream, or spoil them with a NINJET!

Make sure to follow me at https://dlive.tv/JohnnyCrypto?ref=johnnycrypto I will be doing some streams on that channel so make sure to follow!

And follow @ChampagneCrytpo his streams are entertaining. Photo credit for the featured image of this article.

Have other streamers to follow? Let me know on Twitter!

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Official Site: https://dlive.tv/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialDLive

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