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Seedit – The Trusted Telegram Trading Bot

GoSeedit created by @Rovak and backed by Sesameseed started off as a twitter tipping bot but was quickly adapted to telegram and allowed anyone to be able to tip, sell, trade, and buy any Tron token.  

Back in August of 2018, there were no exchanges for tron tokens as tron main net had just launched a couple months prior so this was how projects distributed and sold their tokens.  Admins of channels can /airdrop and /rain tokens to members in their channels. Telegram trade channels also formed, some are better moderated than others but the ONLY channel I trade in is @Troncollectors. Be wary of fake channels named the same with less members as they are prone to scams.  Shoutout to @Groot4Rocket – This man does an amazing job keeping traders safe.

Seedit is the original way to buy, sell, tip, & trade tron tokens on telegram.

To get a wallet start a conversation with @goseeditbot

It can be daunting, joining TronCollectors and seeing the traders placing their buys and sells in a way you just don’t understand. It’s normal, the best thing to do is sit and watch for some time to get a feel of the prices, the tokens being sold, do some research if you’re not sure of which token to buy yet and if still unsure you can ask for help, the traders are friendly.  

The basics of trading are this:

#autosell <amount> <token name>  for <amount> <tokenname> 

#autosell 100 KLV for 100 TRX    – Here I am selling 100 KLV for 100 TRX

If I want to buy a token, it’s the same thing except replaced with #autobuy.

#autobuy <amount> <token name>  for <amount> <tokenname> 

#autobuy 100 KLV for 100 TRX    – Here I am buying 100 KLV for 100 TRX

You can get more help from the bot, just click the “Help” Menu item.

Telegram is a scammers playground.

The first rule of crypto telegram is “If someone PMs (Private Message) you, they are trying to scam”

Admins & support of any project will NEVER pm you first. If you want to speak with an admin, tag them in the channel and then ask to PM them and then write them directly.

Can i get scammed on telegram using Seedit?

Trading with GoSeedit is fairly safe since they have to whitelist tokens before they are able to be traded through the bot. This helps prevent people creating a token with the same name as other popular tokens and then selling them. There are some ways that scammers can still take advantage of traders so it’s important to always read a trade to make sure its proper and the trade you choose will get executed.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

One thing to watch out for is a type of trade that tricks the bot to skipping the first trade which is usually a really great offer that people will want to jump on but it’s the trade below that will execute and it’s usually a shitcoin for your hard earned TRX. Here is an example:

#autoselI 1000 SEED for 100 TRX

#autosell 1 SEED for 10000 TRX

#autosell 10 SEED for 10 TRX

In the above example the first line has an uppercase “I” at the end instead of a lowercase “l” it’s easier to tell on this website than it is on telegram due to default font choices but what happens is the bot doesn’t recognize the first trade, skips it and then executes the next trade.

If you stick to the channel i mentioned earlier you probably won’t ever experience this because the moderators are great and the community pays attention, however it’s still good to be aware as you can not reverse trades.

How safe is Seedit?

Seedit has been around on Tron since the beginning, created by a well known and respected developer and ties to Sesameseed and the overall Tron community. Seedit has not thus far had any issues with users losing funds as some bots such as Robominer (now Nova) have had. I consider it the safest telegram trading bot but it does have access to your private keys so i would not keep my life savings in there. Move in or out what you plan to trade, it’s crypto afterall and we want you to keep your hard earned crypto investments.

I hope this article has helped you, if so please share it with others who are new to tron.

Stay safe!

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