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Klever Crypto Wallet – Setup Overview

Today I want to do a walkthrough on how to setup Klever (formerly TronWalletMe) crypto wallet.

Some of you might just be getting into Tron and crypto in general and not sure where to start so hopefully this helps you out.

Some of the features that make Klever wallet a favorite of many people is the beautiful user interface as well as user friendly features. Klever is not only a blockchain wallet but also has a DApp browser integrated as well as a native swap feature in the DApp. Klever comes in a desktop and mobile app version but today we will focus on the mobile version.

The first thing you need to do is go into the App or google play store and search “klever” and download the app.

Once downloaded, open the app and wait for it to load up with a privacy policy you need to read and agree to.

Once you have agreed to the privacy policy, you’ll be prompted to either create a new wallet or restore a wallet.

If you’re new to Tron or crypto in general and don’t have any wallets then press “create a new wallet” If you do have other wallets and want to import them into Klever, then press the “import wallet” button. In this tutorial we will focus on creating a new wallet.

Next you will be taken to THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of setting up a new crypto wallet, SAVING THE SEED PHRASE. Always, always, alllwayys write down your seed and put it in a safe place, do not ever give anyone this SEED phrase.  (In the example below i’ve hidden 2 fields. If you guess them properly you can have what’s inside this wallet, which is currently 20 trx, good luck!)

Now that you’re SEED is written down, saved, and secure with multiple copies saved in different mediums (paper, USB, bank lockbox, etc) click the button to confirm “I’ve written it down”

On the next panel you will be prompted to enter the seed phrase in the proper order.

Once this is complete you will be taken to your brand new crypto wallet!

If you’re ready to checkout some cool DApps on tron you can click on the Dapp browser icon in the menu area.

The globe icon circled in red will take you to the browser.

Make sure to also check out the swap feature and the KLV Staking feature! Tutorial coming on that soon!

I hope this has helped you but if you have more questions check out the Klever.io telegram channel or contact support within the App.

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