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BeFaster incentivized fitness tracking App on Tron blockchains screens

BeFaster – An Incentivized Fitness App on the Tron Blockchain

It’s more important these days than ever to make sure we pay attention to our fitness and daily activity since a big portion of the world has switched to “work-from-home” instead of the daily trek to the office and even minimal steps through the office building or walking down the street for lunch with co-workers has come to a halt.

What is BeFaster?

BeFaster, a new DApp being built on the Tron blockchain which aims to help you take charge and pay attention to your daily activity with a variety of public and private challenges where you can earn their native rewards token: BFC.

The BeFaster DApp can be used anytime whether you are casually going about your day, walking the dog, running after the kids, or in full-on exercise beast mode. Each step is counted using the pedometer in your device and you are rewarded for the kilometers accumulated.

What can I do with the BFC tokens I earn?

After you’ve earned some BFC tokens you may be wondering what to do with them. As the DApp evolves there will probably be more use cases but here are what the first use cases will be:

  • Exchange in fiat currency (worldwide)
  • Participation in Private Challenges
  • Participation in Public Challenges
  • Shopping in the BeFaster – Store as a price reduction
  • Shopping in the shops as a price reduction
  • Game – Token in the BeFaster Game (Release 2021/2022)

BeFaster looks poised to take the lead as the first and biggest fitness DApp on the Tron blockchain. Backed by a team of young professional entrepreneurs of various backgrounds, and the team at Tron Europe, you can expect big things to come out of this project in 2021 and beyond.

Website: https://www.befaster.fit/en/

telegram: https://t.me/BeFasterEnglishOfficial

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